Wallpaper by CASADECO



We stock all the latest ranges from CASADECO – Leading French designers of wallpapers, wall panels and coordinating fabrics. Casadeco wallpaper creates welcoming, chic and timeless looks. Its product ranges inspire a palette of harmonious and balanced shades, introducing colour and textures to your walls. Casadeco offers quality products for each room in the house, refined and modern for exclusive and effortless decoration, to suit all tastes and styles of interior.

The Casadeco designs are of high quality due to their European manufacture.  Their innovative techniques result in wallpapers as aesthetic as they are straightforward…with varying colours, designs, finishes and techniques, highly decorative, for all rooms in the house.  The plains blend with all settings.  The plant designs or natural scenes, invite you to get away or to take a romantic stroll.  The imitation bricks recall the exposed walls of industrial loft spaces. The classic designs lift your interiors and dress them with elegance.  The geometric motifs structure your rooms.  Casadeco also proposes soft and bright collections for children’s rooms with matching borders and fabrics.