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Release the Beauty of Wood - We stock Top Brand Varnishes for all your Wood Care


Top Brands for Wood Care

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Wood is beautiful. But in order to preserve this beauty wooden surfaces need to have a fresh look and long-lasting protection. We have a well stocked range of interior and exterior varnishes, deck treatments and oils. Find the wood care paint or wood stain you need for exterior and interior woodwork. Add several coats of varnish to wood and it will enhance the natural colour of the timber, delivering a lovely, rich sheen. Varnish protects wood, providing a durable surface that helps to prevent damage and keeps it in good condition. Talk to us an we’ll help you choose the right product, colours and finish to keep you wood beautiful.

  • Woodstain (Interior / Exterior)
  • Varnishes (Interior / Exterior)
  • Floor Finishes
  • Decking
  • Garden Furniture
  • Sheds & Fences


Whatever product you want to use, as a general rule, you will have to completely remove any existing varnish, waxes, oils, wood stains, dust, dirt, grease, uneven areas and sticky stuff before applying a wood varnish. Your workspace needs to be dust and dirt free, otherwise it can collect on the surface of the wood and the freshly applied varnish, spoiling the sheen and smooth finish. It’s best to use a brush with natural rather than synthetic bristles for oil-based finishes, and synthetic brushes (often called ‘nylon’ brushes) for acrylic or water-based varnishes. But you can also use rollers or rags for both kinds of finish.


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Applying wood stain and wood dyes to your exterior wood is a great way to assure it’s protected from weathering and heavy foot traffic while adding rich colour. Offering great coverage and long-lasting durability, wood stains help to enhance the natural wood grain for a hardwearing and scuff resistant finish.

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