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What is the best moving company for long distance? No matter how far you are moving, whether it’s domestically or cross-border to Canada, you can begin your long-distance moving estimate with JohnnyGo. More than 430 JohnnyGo Agent long-distance movers cover every corner of the U.S. and Canada.
JohnnyGo is granted complete operating authority by the U.S. and Canadian governments to operate in all states and provinces. Ask any long-distance movers you speak to if they have complete operating authority. Long-distance moving is a completely different ball game than local moves.
There are many requirements for long-distance movers that are designed for your protection and quality of service.
JohnnyGo brings the world within reach with seventeen international licensees and relationships with more than 300 JohnnyGo-preferred global partners. If your move is outside the U.S. and Canada, read more on International moves.


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